Boy With Green Hair, The (1948)

The Boy With Green Hair is a charming parable of how non-conformity — while alienating and lonely at times — can be a source of profound strength.

The story follows a young boy named Peter Fry. After his parents’ untimely demise in Europe due to war relief efforts, he is quickly adopted by a kindly gentleman who he calls Gramps. Gramps may not be related to Peter by blood, but he treats Peter as one of his own. He regales the young boy with stories of his former acting career and keeping his spirits up with fanciful magic tricks.

Gramps is an excellent source of comfort for young Peter, always providing him with sagacious wisdom; all wrapped up in the most charming Irish brogue. And the lad is going to need as much moral support as he can get because, one day, the unthinkable happens: He wakes up with a full head of green hair. At first, it is a source of jovial amusement for Peter and the children around him. But he quickly learns that the world around him begins to deride him for his emerald locks.

At first, Peter wants nothing more than to be like everyone else. However, one thing leads to another, and he learns that he has a calling, a message, a purpose in life that his green hair symbolizes. Ultimately, this movie is an anti-war piece of cinema, and using the motif of green hair may seem odd. Without spoiling anything, (although this is an old film, so chances are the reader might have seen it) it works rather well.

Raising children can be a significant challenge. For fellow travelers on the Left-Hand Path, we wish to bring self-reliant, strong-willed, and free-thinking children. In a world that attempts to beat conformity into little ones, it is essential to regularly remind our iron youth that being different is not bad. On the contrary, it is a strength in this world of cookie-cutter personalities. Even as adults, we need these timely reminders of how we, much like the boy with green hair, need to stand tall and live proud of the gifts that we have been bestowed.

So when you have the time to sit down with your son, daughter, niece or nephew and take a gander at the surprising tale of The Boy With Green Hair, you’ll be awfully glad you did.

[- D.A. Marshall]
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