About The Sinister Screen

The Sinister Screen was first launched in February of 2005 as a project of the now-defunct Church of Satan Special Interest Groups. Since, it has become an independent forum for movies of general interest to Satanists and others of like-mind. The site took a very long hiatus but had returned in October of 2018 with a revamped format.

Review Submissions

Submission requests are open to Church of Satan members only and we will verify your membership before approval. All reviews must be focused, well-written, and reasonably connected to Satanism and the Satanic philosophy. Note that if your review does not conform to these criteria, it may be rejected. And, as the word, “request” implies, do not write a review without clearing it with us first. It is likely that someone else might be writing a review on the same film or video as you and clearance straightens out the mess of having duplicate reviews. Also, check our page on the CoS Video List to see what from that has been reviewed already. Send your movie or video requests to sinisterscreenATpurgingtalonDOTcom with the subject header containing the line, “Sinister Screen Review.”

If and when I approve your review, I will post it to the site myself, even if you have forum discussion privileges. Which brings us to…

Forum Discussion

As of present, I have opened up discussion privileges only to select members of the Church of Satan whom are directly known by me. This may or may not change in the future but it should provide the reader with some additional input from fairly respected and insightful individuals. And regardless of who you are, I will be moderating all discussions and will delete those that are automated messages, advertisements, links to competitor websites, abuse or harassment of fellow forum members, or posting of copyrighted materials or other illegal content.

Magister Matt G. Paradise – Church of Satan