Curse of the Demon (1957)

Curse of the Demon (the original cut of which, known as Night of the Demon) is a classic in Satanic cinema and earns the right to be on the shelf of anyone who considers himself to be a connoisseur of the fine art of Satanic filmmaking. The film involves American psychologist, Dr. John Holden (Dana Andrews) who goes to England to expose a cult leader by the name of Karswell (Kiall MacGinnis). Dr. Holden thinks Karswell is a charlatan and is falsely claiming to have psychic powers so that he can make money off the gullible, weak-minded people who follow him. When Professor Harrington, a colleague of Dr. Holden, is mysteriously killed in a car accident, Dr. Holden sets out to investigate his death. Dr. Holden denies that this could in any way be the work of the Devil because in his mind the Devil isn’t real and there’s no such thing as a curse.

Joanna Harrington (Peggy Cummins) is convinced that Karswell has placed a curse on Harrington for trying to expose him as a fake and she tries to convince Dr. Holden that Karswell has the ability to put curses on people and that he needs to be stopped. Joanna believes in the so-called evil powers of the supernatural, unlike her uncle, Professor Harrington. Harrington sets out to prove that Dr. Karswell’s work in the occult is a fake and did all he could to discredit him by going to the newspapers and publicly attacking his work on witchcraft and demonology. Dr Karswell, in defense, placed a curse on him to prove that he indeed does have supernatural powers. Dr. Holden, being the skeptic that he is, ignores all of Joanna’s warnings and when Karswell finds out that Dr. Holden is also out to discredit him, he places a curse on him also.

This movie is a true Satanic classic because it exposes the devil worshiper for what he is. Anytime you have to rely on someone or something else to help you to be a success in life, you’re diminishing your own self worth. People who do this are basically saying, “I’m not good enough to get these things on my own; I need some kind of outside force.” This movie also hints at the fact that curses can be in one’s own mind and not something that is real. In the end, when Karswell is killed by the demon, the director sets up the final scene in a way that the viewer still has to ask himself if the demon really killed Karswell or did the train kill him. The answer to this question can only be answered by the moviegoer because everyone has their own perception of what happened.

Does the supernatural really exist? This will always be a subject of much controversy. Satanists viewing this movie should understand that YOU are in charge of your own destiny — and no one else. Asking some devil or some imaginary demon for favors only causes problems in the end. Satanism strives on individualism. The Satanist is his or her own God. There is no need to ask other entities for help.

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