Phenomena (1985)

This film is a classic among those made by Dario Argento. It stars Jennifer Connelly as a young girl who has the ability to communicate with insects. The movie is about a group of young girls who attend a Swiss boarding school which according to the film was once owned by Richard Wagner. The girls fall victim to a brutal serial murderer. The only person who has a clue to what’s going on is Jennifer Corvino (Jennifer Connelly). She is aided by the famous Entomologist, Dr. McGregor to help solve the murders.

The interesting thing about this film is that her classmates and her teacher think she is somehow diabolic because she has the ability to communicate with flies and other insects. Their reasoning is ‘since The Devil is The Lord of the Flies then her power must be evil.’ Little do they know that if it wasn’t for her and her ability to communicate with flies, the killer would remain on the loose.

This film is a classic study of human behavior. Whenever people tend to have strange psychic abilities outside the norm, they are oftentimes regarded as something evil or unnatural. Given the fact that most people within society hate flies only gives them more reason to think that she is in some way evil. The only person who understands her is the Entomologist who helps her solve the murder. He alone sees her abilities as something that can be used to find the murderer.

This movie is truly a Sinister Cinematic gem worthy of the Satanic moviegoer who is looking to see a film that is not at all typical of the slasher movies that have plagued our theaters for so many years.

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