Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971)

The iconoclast has created his own kingdom according to his precise design, at the same time providing a wonderful world of reality / fantasy crossover for children of all ages. This movie is indeed Satanic, & let me explain why. Each participant harbors rather rotten personality traits, either insensitivity towards others, Letharginator neurosis, obnoxiousness, excessive gluttony, and/or disobedience. Total self-uncontrol. And the parents were spineless. Basically, they are all brats — except for one. The chosen one. He who demonstrates deportment & consideration.

I am reminded of Dr. LaVey’s sign on the bookshelf in the purple parlour, “Do not remove books from shelves. Anyone caught removing books from shelves will have their hands amputated.” This is in fact, the extremely similar way in which Mr. Wonka operates his factory. Unfortunately for them, they did not bother to really read the disclaimer at the beginning of the tour. The question is, would it have mattered anyway?

For about the first 45 minutes or so, we become acquainted with the characters’ predispositions towards the aforementioned traits. There’s Veruca Salt, an insufferable brat devoid of manners. There’s a TV-loving cowboy kid whose entire existence seems to be centered around the boob-tube. There’s a gum-chewing girl who does not listen to advice when given, & then there’s a German boy who can’t get enough food — whatever it is. In every case, they exhibit irresponsible & just annoying tendencies that need to be abated.

Every one of these, after being tested, meets with an appropriate & poetic fate, all commandeered by the resident God, Willy Wonka. The infamous “Golden Ticket,” the instrument of their greed, brought them to The Chocolate Factory, but this is natural, for what candy-loving child can resist a trek into the wonderful world of Wonka? Indeed, all of the events leading up to the gates seemed planned. Within the hallowed walls of that chocomantium, there are Total Environments at every turn, each with their respective rides & attractions. Mr. Wonka makes a wonderful host; animated & witty. We get to see the “Oompa Loompas” from “Oompaland”, & become familiar with their lore — it seems that kind Mr. Wonka took them in because they were being preyed upon by “Pernicious Knids” & other marvelous creatures from Oompaland. The Oompa Loompas provide moralistically compelling questions to the viewer with delightful little dances & songs. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory is a semi-musical & comical production, providing interesting insights & alternative techniques of moral instruction.

[- Draconis Blackthorne]
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  1. Alec Arbour says:

    I remember watching this film at school in the 2nd or 3rd grade in the school library. They omitted the tunnel scene because they felt it was too scary for us.

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